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Learning is a social activity, so the Learning management systems must be social. Our LMS system offers many features to help you interact, collaborate and discuss with fellow students and instructors. Our learning paths and course structure helps you to achieve higher completion rate.

Learn the right way

Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System is designed to keep you engaged and achieve higher course completion rate. Each course is designed with a right mix of videos, assignments, quizzes and articles.

We understand you cannot learn programming just by watching videos so we developed our courses with a focus on gaining practical knowledge. While the assignments help you put theory into practise, our quizzes help you test your knowledge. Each course also contains many articles that help you explore the subject more.

Don't take our word for it, check out the free sessions in each course to see first hand.

You are not alone


Collaboration is the key to learning and we understand that! You are not on your own when you enroll for our courses. Your friendly instructor is just a message away to answer any questions you may have. Our collaboration tools allow you to discuss issues with not just the instructors but with other students as well. Our instructors proactively monitor the message boards and forums to provide the right guidance. 

You are never alone as we developed social features right into our LMS software. We call our LMS system facebook of learning!


Practical Training 

Our emphasis is to help you prepare for handling real-time projects. Our courses come with many hands-on assignments so you can handle any project that comes your way.


Assignments and Quizzes

All assignments are scientifically designed to help you not just in understanding of the subject but also train your brain to develop logical thinking. Our quizzes at the end of each module help you test your understanding of the subject.


Code Review

What good is completing an assignment if you cannot get it validated? We offer code review for each assignment that you complete so that you can identify any mistakes and be assured you are following the best practises in developing your programs.


Personal Attention

Our intructors are a message away! You can reach out to our instructors anytime with any questions you may have. We are obsessed to help you complete the course and sometimes even spend personal one-on-one time with our students if they get stuck anywhere in the learning process.


Always up-to-date

Technology is changing at a pace that is unprecendented. What is highly efficient today may have a better alternative tomorrow. Our courses are always updated with the new developments happening in the technology landscape so that you can stay upto date with ever changing technologies.


Collaborate with others

You are never alone! Collaborate with fellow students and our instructors to discuss and debate all the ideas you come up with. We have integrated social features in our LMS platform to help you collaborate with ease.


CORPORATE TRAININGSome of the corporates we delivered training for

Accenture India

IBM India



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